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Frequently Asked Questions

No, marquees can be built on any surface. However, they still need to be secured down and this can be done by several different methods which we can discuss on a site visit

We only use the best marquees developed by the manufacturers to withstand bad elements of weather. They are waterproof and able to be used in all seasons. We closely monitor the weather conditions and in severe conditions we will take the appropriate actions.

This will depend on a number of factors, such as venue and location, time of year, type of event, and accessibility of site. We NEVER build a wedding marquee the day before the wedding unless there are exceptional circumstances. You will always have time before the event to do any of your own finishes. We can be flexible with build and take down times.

This all depends on the event. For the majority of events there is no need for us to be there. However for weddings we will always call in on the morning and check everything is ok, and for large events with multiple structures we can provide a man on site if required.

Unfortunately air conditioning doesn’t work efficiently in a marquee so it’s simply a case of opening up sides. If you opt for clear roof tops there is nothing that can be done on the day, but we will have discussed this with you beforehand.

It is easier to heat a marquee than to cool it down. We offer a range of heaters in Gas, Electric or Oil fired. These are positioned outside the marquee (not the electric) and hot air is blown in to heat the space.

We can recommend some venues which allow marquees and offer advice on structures to suit.

Often we can get the structure as close as possible and use a gutter to make it as water tight as possible, but we can discuss this on a site visit.

Yes, as long as you have the space. We always build and dismantle with the greatest of care to avoid any unnecessary damage. They may be some discolouration but it normally bounces back quickly.

We can provide everything you need for your event, including generators, toilets, lighting, furniture, fridge trailers, dance floors,. lighting, sound systems, stage, etc. You dint even have to use one off our marquees we can supply any elements you require.

We will put an additional section, or another small structure, for caterers to work from.

Whilst our equipment is on your site and in your care, it is your responsibility so we always advise you take out insurance against fire, theft, or damage.

This will depend on what you are using the generator for. If you give us a list of the electrical items we can calculate what size is best for you.

No. we offer a complete package which includes all distribution, cables and installation. We also test two BS7909 and issue you with a certificate stating its been done.

Yes we can hire just the generator, but can’t offer a safety certificate for the electrics, your marquee company would have to do that.

Generators are an engine, and like all engines they can fail, just like a car. We maintain regularly and to the highest standards but we always advise on a back up, especially if it’s a wedding. The cost is less than the main runner but it’s like “insurance” … there if you need it.

In the unfortunate event that this would happen we would be there ASAP with another unit. We have someone on standby 24/7.

Whilst our equipment is on your site and in your care, it is your responsibility so we always advise you to take out insurance against fire, theft, or damage.

All generators have a minimum of 24 hours running time. If you expect to run for longer we can arrange to refuel, or supply a bowser.

We are flexible and can accommodate your requirements. But if its for a wedding its normal the day after the marquee is built otherwise we cant run cables etc if the marquee isn’t finished.

Yes we can do one day hires and long term with no limit. Any long term hires can have fuel bowsers to minimise refuelling. We will also service the generator on side at your convenience.

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