Lighting Tower Hire in Cheshire and throughout the UK including the North West

Lighting Tower Hire Solutions for Safer, Brighter Events

Illuminate your next outdoor event with ease.

Mobile lighting towers for a range of events

From sporting events to emergency aid setups, our mobile lighting towers provide reliable illumination for any occasion.

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor concert, organising a nighttime marathon, or setting up temporary facilities for disaster relief efforts, our lighting towers are designed to meet your specific lighting needs.

With adjustable height and brightness settings, you can customise the lighting to create the perfect ambiance and ensure maximum visibility.

With our state-of-the-art lighting towers, you can keep your event space safe and well-lit for all attendees.

A portable lighting tower by Melody Corporation illuminates a construction site at night, surrounded by equipment and temporary facilities.

Lighting tower rental — for a range of purposes

We cater to more than outdoor events. Here are just some of the sectors making use of our lighting tower rental services.

lighting in events melody corporation


Ensure your outdoor weddings, festivals, and corporate events are well-lit and visually stunning.

lighting in sports melody corporation


Brighten up sports fields and outdoor arenas for evening matches and events.

lighting in emergency facilities melody corporation

Emergency Facilities

Provide reliable lighting solutions for emergency response facilities, disaster relief efforts, and temporary medical stations.

lighting in construction melody corporation


Light up construction sites for increased safety and productivity, even during night shifts.

lighting in agriculture melody corporation

Agricultural Sectors

Shed light on your agricultural operations, including nighttime harvesting and livestock management.

lighting in demolition melody corporation


Illuminate demolition sites for enhanced safety and precision during operations.

Let’s make your next gathering a brighter occasion

Serving clients in Cheshire, Staffordshire, Lancashire, Shropshire, and further afield.

Reindeer Lodge

Mold, North Wales

We have used Melody Corporation for the past 6 years for a full range of event equipment. Ago is an invaluable part of the team, his knowledge and expertise is second to none and the equipment he provides is always well presented and serviced.

We have no hesitations whatsoever in recommending Ago for anyone that wants a job done properly, on time and with full support. Ago has always gone above and beyond our expectations.

Karen Challinor, The Farm

Congleton, Cheshire

As a wedding and events venue, we would highly recommend Ago and Melody Corporation. They have supplied all of our marquee needs for many years, with excellent quality structures, which are very clean, expertly erected, and look great when completed.

They also supply all of our generator requirements, which have never let us down. They are reliable, very helpful and always have a smile on their faces. We will continue to use Melody Corporation for all our marquee and generator needs and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Arley Hall & Gardens

Northwich, Cheshire

We have worked with Ago and Melody Corporation for many years, they are reliable, helpful and always support Arley. Their marquees are clean and look great. Their generators never let us down. We will continue to use Melody Corporation and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of events are suitable for lighting tower hire?

Lighting tower hire is ideal for a wide range of events, including outdoor concerts, festivals, sporting events, weddings, corporate gatherings, construction sites, and emergency aid setups.

Yes, our lighting towers can be customised to meet your specific event requirements, including adjusting the height, direction, and brightness of the lights. We can work with you to tailor the lighting setup to suit your event needs and create the desired ambiance.

Yes, our lighting towers are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. They’re durable, reliable, and suitable for use in outdoor environments year-round.

Yes, we provide installation and maintenance services for lighting towers to ensure they’re set up correctly and operating efficiently throughout your event or project. Our experienced team will handle the setup, operation, and dismantling of the lighting towers for your convenience.

The number of lighting towers you’ll need depends on factors like the size of the event space, the level of illumination needed, and any specific lighting requirements. Our team can assess your event needs and recommend the appropriate number of lighting towers to achieve optimal lighting coverage.

Ready to illuminate your next outdoor gathering?

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