All clear span marquees are of British manufacture using alloy box section construction standing on eight foot legs with white P.V.C. tops and walls containing window and door sections. Whatever special event you have in mind be it a wedding, a party, sales promotion, or a fund-raising gala, marquees add an extra dimension to the occasion, and can turn that special event into an extra special one.

When you are considering the venue for a wedding it is important to get it right first time. For this reason we like to see all our customers who are planning a wedding. We can then advise them on suitability of their site, the different types of marquee available and show them photographs of weddings we have arranged over the years. We will help you make the right choice of colour scheme and advise you on different layouts of tables and chairs. It is normal for Melody Marquees to erect a wedding marquee three or four days before the event and remove the day after at no extra cost to yourself. This allows the customers, caterers and florists to set out the marquee and prepare it for the special day.

As well as providing marquees, we can provide service marquees, bar counters and dance floors. We can also contract in generators, toilet facilities and heaters on behalf of our customers. One of the first considerations when hiring a marquee, must be how much space will the guests require. Too little space and people will be cramped. Too much space and the marquee will feel half full. Different layouts of marquees will inevitably accommodate more or less people. 

Most functions use 5' round tables, seating 10 guests at each table. Including the chairs and space to get between tables. Ten guests take up a 10'×10' space or 100 Sq. Ft. This is a useful guide as most marquees are built in multiples of 10× .I.e. you can get 4 tables or 40 guests in a 20'×20' area. The above assumes that you have enough room to get to your table but for most functions it is desirable to have space to dance. Or to greet people before they move to their seats. For this reason we recommend at least 14 Sq. Ft. per person. Some people prefer to seat 8 guests at each 5' round table however this will reduce the seating capacity of a marquee considerably.