Website Privacy Statement

All personal information collected by the Melody Corporation is handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2000.

If required, personal information is collected from you via this website only with your knowledge and consent. It is used only for the purpose for which it is collected, unless its disclosure is required by law or regulation.

Generally, Melody Corporation collects information for enquiries relating to melody Corporation services. When your personal information is collected online, details of the reason for collection and its usage are available on the relevant web page itself.

In addition, your visit to this website may be logged by web analyst Google Analytics ( for statistical purposes only, by using a web beacon to record:

  • user server addresses and domains
  • the times and dates the site was visited
  • the pages users access
  • users' browsers and operating systems.

This information does not identify individual users but does identify the computer that is used to access the site.

This website only uses session cookies during online applications. These identify the application session and cannot be used to identify you as an individual.

The Internet is not a secure medium, hence Melody Corporation has made every effort to implement security policies, rules and measures to protect your information from unauthorised access, improper use, alteration, destruction and loss. Your personal information will be removed from the Melody Corporation system when no longer required.

This website can link you to other websites. You will need to access these other sites in order to view their current privacy policies and procedures.

You have the right to request access to information held about you by Melody Corporation and its correction if inaccurate. In some circumstances access will need to be sought under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.